martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Ya no se que creer

Tras casi tres años recibo esto:

"Re: Commission Updates

Hey all! Right to the point, I'm pleased to announce that all commissions will be going out this week along copies of Trans Am Champions with art in them for each of you. I'm checking with Bill to make sure I have all the current addresses. Fons, I will be bringing yours to the Bristol show.

I'm terribly sorry for the wait. Very unprofessional on my part. The amount of comic work I have has just been growing and coupled with basic family stuff , it's just been an avalanche of work and time over the last year or so. That doesn't excuse the delay, but I just want to you to know that I'm not playing video games all week and taking more and more commissions on.
Hope you all enjoy the art and books and hope to see some of you at the cons.
Once again, I'm sorry and I hope you'll still be fans. Thanks.


Ahora toca esperar algún tipo de confirmación :P

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Pablo dijo...


quike102 dijo...

Parece que hay luz al final del túnel, sino siempre te queda la opción de que Javi lo ponga a parir en Bristol, eso sí, después de conseguir un sketch suyo ;-)
Nos vemos en el Salón!!!

Oneyros dijo...

A nosotros nos llego por fin lo de Sook y encima Edu ya nos lo entrego!!!! No pierdas la esperanza!

The Korinthian dijo...

Ojalá sea así, y ojalá no tenga que partir piernas (tras recibir mi sketch, claro),jejjej

Y ojalá mis dos entintadores dijesen eso alguna vez