jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

El Noto-Gate parte VI

Recientemente en el grupo de fans de Phil Noto hemos recibido la siguiente alegría, un halo de esperanza inunda nuestros corazones :)

"Hey guys. Well, first off let me apologize for the delay in commissions for some
of you. I
swear it was never a conscious decision to be a jerk and make you wait. After a
period of waiting I always want to try do something very nice and not half-assed
and if I
don't have time,then...so on and so forth.
Believe me, I'm eternally grateful to you guys and gals for being my fans and
I'm so very
sorry that I have taken some of you for granted. I promise to more diligent and
professional in my dealings with all of you.
Please don't take any past email neglect personally , I'm just as bad when it
comes to close
friends and family. I know its been said that I wouldn't return an email from
God :) I'm
going to be dedicating an hour a day now for email responses. You can't imagine
all the
emails and inquiries I get and it's been very difficult to stop in the middle of
a creative
project and spend a half hour or more to getting back to people. Suddenly
everything gets
backed up and then I just plain forget. That being said, It is rude and
inconsiderate and I
will definitely be changing my ways when it comes to email.
Well, as far as work goes, I'm finishing up the second issue of the
miniseries. They'll be soliciting it after I'm done with the third issue. I
consider it to be my
best comic work to date and I think you'll all enjoy it. Infinite Horizon #3
will be out in the
next week or two. It's been a fun project. We've been getting quite a few movie
inquiries which will hopefully pan out down the road. I'm also doing the covers
and 2 page
back up stories for the Chuck miniseries from Wildstorm , based on the T.V.
show. It's
something new dealing with NBC, likenesses, etc. but they're looking for
spy-type stuff
and that comes pretty easy to me.
Lastly, during the course of painting and drawing commission marathon this past
I've done some little watercolor gals. They're up on the site now with a little
thanks for
being fans discount.
Hope you all are doing well and I hope to be at the New York ComicCon. Maybe I
will see
some of you there. I won't have my own table , but you'll be able to find me
hanging out
with Jimmy and Amanda and also over at the Image booth. Have a great day!


Básicamente, "Lo siento mucho, bla, bla, bla, he estado muy liado, bla, bla, bla, prometo ser bueno, bla, bla, bla, voy a contestar los correos, bla, bla, bla". A ver si es cierto, porque los últimos correos se los he tenido que mandar usando un proxy, ya que me los devolvía su filtro de spam :P
Les mantendré informados.

(Se supone que compré algo de este pelo)

PD: La peli de Iron Man cojonuda, me emociono como un tonto viendo volar esa armadura, snif!

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Juan Rojas dijo...

Buenas si no actualizas me imagino que es por que la faena te lleva loco a ver si sacas algo de tiempo. si estas por Brana no dudes en llamar.

sexy dijo...


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